It’s easy to forget about the condition of your roof in northeast Oklahoma once tornado season ends. Whether you own a home or business – or both – don’t forget to perform a routine roof inspection at least once during the summer months.


Here is what to look for:


  • Inspect under eaves and remove any loose debris or leaves you find. Repair any open areas to prevent rodents and birds from nesting.
  • Look for water stains on eaves and overhangs.
  • Inspect flashing around chimneys, vents, satellite dishes and skylights. Loose flashing can lead to roof leaks.
  • Inspect shingles for damage due to weather. Missing, torn, dented or curled shingles can lead to roof leaks. Rodents will chew through shingles and claw at them, so be on the lookout for critter damage as well.
  • Remove any clumps of debris you find to prevent rodents from nesting or fungus from growing. Fungus that has already started to grow can be a sign of leak.
  • Trim any branches that hang over your roof.


Be sure to inspect your gutters as well. Tighten any loose bolts and remove debris from gutters, roof drains and downspouts.


No matter if you do the work yourself or get a free inspection from a professional, make sure to perform routine inspections to maintain the integrity of your roof and help prevent leaks before they occur.